In My Own Nudist World

Outside in the summer heat

I’ve been outside quite a bit today working in my motor cycle. Of course I felt compelled wore my most revealing shorts, the ones with the open front. Nobody really seems to notice anything around here where im at so it wasn’t a problem. In fact nobody else was outside at all or go by or anything.

I was thinking about a friend of mine, actually an ex employee. She left in a fit of drama over something I never really did understand. She’s been gone for about a month and now she is starting to pop back up on the radar so to speak. She came in my favorite restaurant at 2 weeks ago, the one where I go to lunch just about every day. And then she acted surprised when she saw that I had noticed her. And stormed out! Totally useless drama.

Last week she sent me a text on Facebook asking me to quit talking negatively about her. Well I have made it a point specifically not talk about her even a little bit so I don’t know where she’s getting her information. I’m trying to think of who might be jealous of her or was jealous of her and who’s pulling her strings. Obviously she’s getting bad information. Not that I need another little psycho in my life because I don’t. At the very least it is making out this summer somewhat less boring.

I’ve been trying to find a place to go nude around here in Louisiana. Unfortunately there is practically no place that you can go. Allegedly there is a nudist resort or club, Bed and Breakfast in New Orleans but the reports don’t seem very, what’s the word, enticing. I can’t figure out if people just go on the boat or out of the lake or has some little hidey hole where they go nude. Nobody talks about it even though I’ve asked around a little bit.

So I’ll just wear my open front shorts as much as I can around the campground here. I may make some plans to visit a resort in Texas or maybe in Florida later in the summer. Either way Im going to be somewhere in the Sun wearing my hat and my sunglasses!